Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cape Lookout, Part One

I'm sharing a few pictures from our annual trip to the Outer Banks . . . we returned last from a wonderful time in the beautiful weather.  (usually not the case :))
The above picture is the sunrise on Day 1 - we left at 4 am.

At the ferry dock
First glimpse of the island

Once we settled in, the fishing began.  Some of the species captured included whiting, pompano, bluefish, drum, etc.  We only kept the whiting and a few pompano.  Fish fry . . .yum!

My dad caught this small shark after hooking a really big one that got away.
Cute little remora that was on the shark


 We did a little bit of shelling while on the island.  Eady found these pretty sand dollars, then gave them to me to put in my pocket.  They all broke.


Wide, open spaces

 This year the park service opened the lighthouse to the public, so for the first time we could climb it!


The view from the top was magnificent!!!




Eady conquers her fear of heights!


Wild horses on Shackelford Banks . . .

Another pretty sun set on Day 2.  Soon I'll do another post with the rest of the weekend!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dove Hunt

Went dove hunting yesterday....

Lots of fun....

Not very many doves...

But Eady got two, Daddy eight...
As for me...well... lets just say I'm out of practice.
Ate opening day's fruits and yesterday's for dinner tonight - Yum!

(and yes, that green stuff in the background of the picture of the dead birds is my knitting project - hunting and knitting DO mix, regardless of what may be commonly believed.)