Saturday, October 16, 2010

Modest Fashion Week - The End

Thank you so much Ashley for hosting and all the other girls for posting your outfits!  I've enjoyed looking at everyone's!

Skirt - Dressbarn
Ann Taylor Loft shirt - Goodwill
Max Studio denim jacket - hand-me-down
Nine West heels - Goodwill

Friday, October 15, 2010

MFW Day Six

J.Crew top - yard sale
Old Navy jeans - I have positively no idea where these came from, but I do know that they're too long!
High tops - gift from a dear friend
pottery angel pendant - gift from my grandmother

It's too bad that it's been warm all week!  You've seen a lot of my "mild weather" clothes - definitely not Fall!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Modest Fashion Week - Day Five

(I'm not really sure about this top yet..... do ya'll like it?)
Gap blouse - yard sale
Old Navy crops - hand-me-down
 Mudd flats - yard sale
antique lace necklace - gift

Photo credits for the whole week go to my sisters!

See ya!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Modest Fashion Week - Day Four

Levi's denim skirt - Hamrick's  (at least five years ago!!)
Ralph Lauren shirt - Goodwill
Tank - Target
scarf - Hand-me-down
Coconuts sandals - Marshalls  (sorry - you can't see them very well!)

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modest Fashion Week 10-12-10

Day Three:
New York & Co skirt - Goodwill
Design History sweater - Marshalls
Tank - Target
Scarf - yard sale
Nine West heels - Goodwill

Until tomorrow ~ 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hats Hats Hats

Just a few pics of the hats JE and I made to sell.....


 We were so happy - four sold!! (OK that might not sound like a lot but usually none do)

Peas and Eggplant by Eady

Fair Isle and Pumpkin by yours truly

And another pea and strawberry by Eady.  Isn't she good?

I LOVE knitting!!!

Check out this website for free patterns

Modest Fashion Week 10-11-10

Head over to Bramblewood Fashion for more info or if you want to participate!

(MA's still in her PJ's)

Old Navy shirtdress - yard sale
Madison sweater - yard sale
Sam & Libby flats - Hamrick's
   (necklace and earrings borrowed from my sis - Thanks Geegs!)

Have a great Monday everyone!  I'm working on school and getting the house ready for company tonight.  
~ See you tomorrow ~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

MFW - 10-10-10

Many thanks to Ashley and Gabrielle to hosting this event!!

Sorry about the (wrong) date on the pictures.....I need to fix that!

Banana Republic swing jacket - yard sale
Vintage Studio skirt - consignment sale
J.Jill brown tee - Goodwill
Aldo flats (wasn't wearing them in the first picture!) - yard sale

Here are the shoes!  :)

 I love Fall - it's my favorite season!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cape Lookout, Part Two

Dear Readers ~  I'm terribly sorry for the lapse in time!!  But without further ado..... Part Deux!  (hey! That rhymes!)

I think I mentioned the card tournament last year when I posted about our trip.  As usual, I lost horribly.  My grandparents and sister are the "card sharks" of the family.... apparently I did not inherit the gene!
Anyway, Eady will try to get me to play with her as much as possible to get her score up (she knows she can win!) and I comply.

There are several run-down houses left on the island - relics of the days before the park service took over. 
On our last day at the island we decided to hike to the tree you see here in the picture - the highest one.  It was (let me tell you) MUCH easier said than done.  We hiked through dense bushes and dead (scratchy) undergrowth just to get to where this picture was taken.  But the scenery was beautiful around the marsh.

(those dense and scratchy bushes)

Once we got through the marsh, the terrain changed a little.  No more scratchy bushes anymore, just don't step on a cactus.  

This isn't THE tree, that one would not have been easy to climb!

And then we turned around and almost ran into this.....

Golden Orb Spiders - - - Everywhere!

Here is Eady standing in front of the big tree.  See how her pants are wet?  That's how deep we went crossing the marsh.

Right after this picture was taken I got stung by a wasp!

Aaaaaand crossing the marsh again on the way back.  If you could have heard me on the last stretch it sounded somewhat like  "Ooooooo!  Ouch!  *gasp* My poor legs!"
We had so much fun on our trip!  Glad I could share it with all of my readers!
  Now on to more up to date things~
  My sister and I have been doing a ton of knitting recently and I will post the products soon!  Tomorrow begins Bramblewood Fashion's Modest Fasion week so expect a slew of fashion posts this week.