Thursday, August 26, 2010

Regency Spencer + Fair Project

Cannot wait for the weather to cool off...  velveteen is a little warm.  Using the Sense and Sensibility Spencer/Pelisse pattern (many thanks to Caroline for letting me borrow it!) I made this spencer a few weeks ago.  The pattern was fairly easy to follow and the project was a quick one. 

I love the diamond in the back!  And when I went to find buttons I was so happy to discover four brown velveteen covered ones.  They were a little smaller than what I wanted but oh well, it still made me happy :)

I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures.... it was raining and we couldn't take them outside!  When I wear it later this fall (too hot now!) I promise to post something a little better.

Now I need a dress to match it well.... hmmm...